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Established in 2009, China Cleantech Group is specialized in connecting global cleantech industry to China through marketing services, M&A advisory and investment consulting. With offices in New York, Shanghai and strategic partner in Germany, CCG currently mainly focus on two major sectors, which include Clean Energy and Environmental Management, and Novel Materials. CCG not only help our international clients gain access to China market and connect to the right partners in China, but also help to bring the necessary capital for the business expansion.

CCG is also specialized in cross-border M&A, especially in the cleantech field. We help large or middle size corporation to find the right acquisition target which fits its global expansion strategy. On the other size, we help small company or investment fund exit through M&A.

CCG was also active in consulting in regional sustainable development and co-organizing high-level international cleantech conference and event, which facilitate the policy making, technology commercialization and the global cleantech collaboration. On April 25, 2009, 1st US-China Cleantech Forum was hosted in W-hotel, New Jersey by CCG, SINOPEC USA, Faith Group and other organizations. 140 participants including the distinguished scholars, technical experts, entrepreneurs and institutional investors attended the event. 2nd US-China Cleantech Forum was hosted in Ordos, China in July 2010. This forum, co-organized by CCG, Tsinghua University, Shenhua Group and Ordos government, brought tremendous oversea resources to Ordos.

Since 2016, CCG began to focus on the Cleantech 3.0 development, and synergy of tradtional Cleantech with IOT, artificial intelligence and blockchain as well as the application of new technologies in the sustainable city development. .


Marketing Services

If you want to promote the cleantech-related (Clean energy, Novel Materials) products or services in China,we will be happy to represent you and help you succeed by working with the right local partners.

We can also work for the portfolio company of the PE fund by locating the right local partners.

Please email contact@ChinaCleantech.com your project information for further discussion.

M&A advisory

We provide M&A advisory service for our customers, For large enterprises and public company, If customers aim to grow globally through M&A, we can help them to make the wise decision and choose the right targets.

By working with CCG, large enterprises will benefit:
• See industrial trends - see where industries are moving, and what they'll mean for your company in the near future
• Understand clean technology cost/benefits – to better adapt for the future change
• Connect with the most suitable targets - through the global network of CCG

If the small technology company wants to exit through M&A, or build up the strategic relationship with the larger enterprise in their field, please also contact us.

Investment Consulting

We can assist investors to understand the industry trends and locate the next hotspot before the bubble become big. On the other side, we can help investors to locate and evaluate the excellent investment opportunities globally, which also include the co-investment opportunities with the large enterprises.

We provide the assets management service through our affiliates. The products include the equity investment product and the fixed-income product. If you are the investor, you may contact us, and we refer you to the corresponding parties.


We mainly focus on the opportunities in clean energy and environment management, and novel materials. Due to the confidential information involved in those opportunities, please contact us directly. We will send you the information after we confirmed your information and interests .

In May, 2015,CCG began to provide the consulting services for distributed energy system.。

In March, 2015,CCG visited its partners in San Francisco and Israel.

On Feb 25th,2015,CCG visited US-China Clean Tech Center (UCCTC) in Los Angeles, and explored the collaborations.

On Jan 30th,2015,CCG visited Shuangliang group in Wuxi, and hosted a seminar about Energy internet

 In July 2014,CCG signed the collaboration agreement with Innospace of Shuion group for promoting Israel IOT projects.

 In May 2014,CCG visited Israel again for more business collaborations.

 In Dec 2013, organized by Tsinghua Delta and CCG, an Israel environment and agro delegation visited Zhejiang and Suzhou, and signed the collaboration agreements.

 In November 2013, CCG delegation visited Israel and signed the strategic partnership agreement with China Alliance Institute in Israel.

 In July 2012, The China EPA delegation visited New York. CCG hosted the delegation and the business meeting.

 In June 2012, CCG hosted the delegation from Tsinghua Redbud Institute and Ordos government.

 In November 2011, CCG signed collaborating agreement with China Foreign Expert Bureau in Shenzhen

 2010 US-China Cleantech Forum & Ordos International Forum of Clean Energy and Green Economy was successfully hosted in Ordos, Inner Mongolia between July 19-21, 2010. CCG is the co-sponsor of the event, and signed the strategic agreement with Tsinghua Redbud Institute and Ordos Government. CCG officially started to serve the China market.

 In April 2010, CCG hosted the delegation from China Huaneng group in New York.

 In March 2010, Ordos Low-carbon Valley was officially started.

 On April 25th, 2009, 2009 US-China Cleantech Forum was successfully hosted in W-Hotel, New Jersey. CCG was founded several months later.

Cleantech 3.0

Cleantech 3.0 is the new trend, which means digitialization, intelligentization and decentralization. New techologies such as IOT, artificial intelligence and Blockchain are applied to the industries with new decentralized business. It is not only the industry ingrading with higher efficiency, but also the reconstructure of new business relationship. The power of the individual become significantly higher. Since 2016, CCG is promoting cleantech 3.0 collaborations as well as experimenting new ideas in this field.

Below is the summary and comparison from Cleantech 1.0 to Cleantech 3.0

Cleantech 1.0
  • Manufacture Industry Oriented
  • PV, Wind Power Equipment etc
  • Reply on Subsidy
  • Policy Based
  • Cyclical Industry
Cleantech 2.0
  • Electrification and intelligentization
  • Electric Car and SmartGrid
  • Resource Reutilization
  • Infrasctructure Upgrading Related
  • Servitization Oriented
Cleantech 3.0
  • IOT and Artificial Intelligence
  • Energy Internet, Robotics
  • Demand Response
  • Decentralized Structure
  • Assets Digitalization


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